July 9, 2014…La Union, La Union, El Salvador

Today I saw….

A dog running alongside the road with the lower portion of a horse's leg in its mouth…hoof/shoe and all!

A man sitting by the side of the road holding out a stick with 3 dead armadillos on it…obviously for sale!

A man holding a stick by the side of the road with an iguana threaded onto it…obviously for sale!

A man holding 2 alive green iguanas upside down by their tails, by the side of the road…I'm not sure if they were intended to be pets!

A lady sitting backwards, her back to the road, hands over her head holding up a fishing line with 3 small fish on it…obviously for sale!

A petrol security guard caring an array of colorful shotgun shells around his belt.  Different colors represent different shot…why?

With an early afternoon check in at the La Union Comfort Inn we are set up nicely for our early morning border crossing into Honduras.

La Union Comfort Inn.  A cheap,clean ,place that is close to the border of Honduras. 

La Union Comfort Inn.  A cheap,clean ,place that is close to the border of Honduras. 

Clean and simple 

Clean and simple 

El Salvador, you confuse me!  

Your land is lush, interesting and fertile.  You have islands, volcanos, rugged cliffs and a magnificent Pacific coast line that is truly stunning.  Then with short warning it is like you have been sucked into a black void…The road now ribbed and moist.  Your eyes are not adjusting, there is absolutely no light and a slight spur of panic races over your body.  These mountainside tunnels dominate the cliff roads… and they get a hold on you every time.  Inhaling a deep calming breath, you slow down and try to be remain steady on the moist ribbed roads you can feel, but not see.  Really...you may have well been riding with your eyes closed!  Once again light appears accompanying  a deep sigh of relief, and "Oh yeah", the cocky smirk!  

Much of your well maintained roads are amazingly canopied by sturdy mature trees that are neatly shaped and trimmed.  Some lush passages are so arched and lengthy that it is truly a wondrous experience to ride through!  

A "Surftista's Paradise" where perfectly formed waves curl and crash, drenching your golden and black fine sand beaches.  Strolling your seashore you need to avoid syringes, medicine containers and miscellaneous debris while innocent children, caught up in the laughter and the moment, are frolicking in the shallows.

You accept US dollars, yet your measurements are in metric.  Your well attended petrol stations, grocery stores, hotels and businesses have armed security, iron bars and razor wire.  I see much uneasy idleness and grouping.  The overall vibe I get is somewhat gangsterish.  AND…I  feel as though you could break out into Marshall Law at any given moment!….

A country with so much potential and an amazing ride!