April 8, 2012...Easter in Te Anau

The ride to Te Anau, was incredible.  We did get sprinkled on, the first signs of rain that we have been in.  We really have been incredibly lucky with the weather so far…knock on wood!! We stayed in a small "A" framed cabin in a caravan park right on the lake.  I did a load of laundry…our clothing is getting a little smelly!! 

We had been told about the Fiordlands Glow Worms, and decide to book in on the 4:40 tour.  It was quite an amazing experience.  Entering the cave we soon saw these tiny fluro dots  that looked like a star system on the cave ceiling..they were glow worms.  The tour continued by boat that lead us through the underground river system.  It was pitch black, cold, damp and almost claustrophobic! To me, it felt as though I could have been in space looking out at a star system that glowing around us. The glow worms catch their food by making sticky beaded threads that hang from their body, it is really fascinating! 

That night we had a lovely seafood dinner in the town of Te Anau, Happy Easter!