April 22, 2012...Taupo

 Sometimes you feel so in sync, and that your wheels could be clouds, and your head totally clears…the riding is that good!  In fact along the stretch today from New Plymouth to Taupo we ran out of petrol!!  Well Kev did!  I hear, "I'm outa gas, don't know how I missed it?" It was not the greatest place to run out and stop but we managed to find a clearing that Kev coasted in to.  We did have several gallons on us so he poured some in his tank and also some in mine.  My my tank was on reserve, although I had a good 25 miles to go before being completely empty.  A fellow concerned biker pulled over to help…always a comforting feeling!  It could not have been more than a couple of k's and once again Kev says that he is empty.  This time we could not both get off the road safely, so I rode to a clearing and he pulled as far left as possible.  O.K. it is not that amusing anymore, we need gas!  Kev programed Navi to see where the nearest station was, and there was one about 10k up the road…but would he make it?  Of course we made it, but I can't say that he did not break a sweat? 

We passed a lunch spot along the way that had a ton of bikers parked out the front…usually a good sign for great food and stories!  I guess this place was known for its white bait meals, so of course we had to have bait for lunch!  White bait comes in a fritter or an omelet…we had it fritter style, I really just could not imagine egg and bait and figured that a fritter is more fried… I'm thinking that I could probably handle fried bait?  Our lunch arrived and it was very interesting…You know those tiny silver little fish that you see in the shallow waters at the beach…well I think that's what we were eating, heads, eyes, fins and lips, the whole caboodle!  There were at least 100 of these tiny fish baked into this battery fritter!  It was not too fishy, although it was interesting, and you could not help play with your food…ha ha ha!!!  After lunch lunch we did not get off our bikes until we reached Taupo.  

I had booked a shared house for our next stay.  We pulled into this newly developed residential neighborhood and found Falls Chateau!  Another great internet booking!  We were met by the property manager and this is totally funny… he asked if we were down for the wedding at John Travolta's house?  He also asked if we were celebrities, and kept looking at us from the corner of his eyes like he did not believe us that we were not!  He said that he does not get interesting people booking with him, and figured that we had to be traveling down for the wedding?…RightyO then…makes a great blogging story hey?

We did not make it in time for the thermal pools, but you can bet your socks that we'll be there in the morning!