May 10, 2012...and sorting

Happy Birthday to my bike…today she is 1 year old and has 12,683 miles on her.  She is well broken in and has been laid down once… I'm sure it will happen again!  For her birthday she was fitted with a new set of dual sport tires….Aweee :)  I had been complaining off and on about a wobble or kind of loose feeling in the front forks.  Experience BMW found a faulty bearing and fixed it.  I'm really excited to see how she now handles, but this will have to wait until I'm in Oz. 

We caught public transportation today…the bus to downtown Auckland, then the train to Kingsland.  Ahh, that's more like it, $12 verses $50!  The bikes were parked out the front and we could see that there was still more cleaning to be done on them…Can you believe it?…We cleaned for another couple of hours on them!  At least we know that we have given our best effort for them to pass the agricultural inspection in Oz…fingers crossed!  We also emptied our boots and pants out of the paneers, just in case we decided to hire a couple of bikes to tie us over until ours arrive.   

Our bikes are serviced, our bikes are bug, plant, sand, dirt, blood, feather and whisker free (road kill…ha ha ha) Experience BMW does and has gone above and beyond what we expected.  Tomorrow DB Schenker will be picking up our crated bikes from the dealership.  We are feeling pretty darn good about the co-rdination between the businesses and the piece of mind their expertise brings…Thanks guys!