May 16, 2012...Melbourne

Now in New Zealand the $1 coins are smaller than the $2 coins, which makes sense…but in Oz the $1 coins are larger than the $2 coins??!  Now it has only been 18 months or so since I was in Oz, and yes I am an Aussie…but I have to say that right off the bat, it is a little confusing!  I'm an Aussie in Oz, fingering through my coins trying to figure out what adds up to what, how embarrassing is that!…ha ha ha 

Since we are bikeless,  public transportation is the quick cure. For me it is like reliving my childhood escapades…and I think Kev is getting a kick out of it.  As we make our way to the tram stop an tram rolls by with the signage…"no coins no excuses"…Wow, what that heck does that mean I'm wondering??!  I turned to Kev and said "I think that the payment system for the trams has changed…maybe we should find out before we hop on?"  A quick chat with the nearby chemist confirmed my suspicion and we changed a $20 bill into small $2 coins and large $1 coins…ha ha ha, then on we hopped!  I am feeling a little disconnected, to say the least… kinda like a chook without its head!  Maybe I will find my head when I'm back on the bike? 

Kev and I plan to spend about a month in Melbourne catching up with family and friends.   It will be a nice lazy break from the day to day bike intensities, although we do miss the excitement of the road!  Our bikes will be ready for pick up between May 30th and June 1st…can't wait!