April 29, 2012...Mt Maunganui

Now I was not too disappointed to be leaving Rotorua, the sulfur smell was just too much for me!  We decided to take Kiwi Kevin up on his offer of accommodation and headed off to Mt Maunganui.  Kiwi Kevin must of heard us riding up as he and his wife Di were standing out the front directing us into the driveway.  I was wondering what Di must have been thinking as I hopped off the bike.  We expressed our appreciation for their kindness.  What felt a little awkward, so became very comfortable! Kiwi Kevin and Di directed us to our room, gave us fresh towels, offered us the washing machine, and said "get comfy, clean up then let's show you around town!"…Can you believe it??? Kiwi Kevin opened his garage…dah dah…and along with his BMW 1200 GS Kevin has an early 50's Norton, and 70's Norton Commander…Just beautiful…Kev was drooling!  (Oh yeah and a retro Suzuki GN 250…Di's bike!) Ok let's go… First stop ACDC's drummers restaurant, Phils Place for a drink!  Wouldn't you know it , Phil pulled up in his Ferrari how lucky can we get.  He came over and we caught up on the latest groupie goss…ha ha ha…Nahh…but it was pretty amazing that he pulled up!….No I did not ask for his autograph!  We moved onto another bar for some absolutely fantastic Bluff oysters, more wine and waited for Kiwi Kevin and Di's friends Kirk and G to join us.  Kirk and G pulled up on a totally cool 1950's Sunbeam motorcycle…A great night! 

Kev and I decided to tramp the mount today…hike Mt Maunganui.  Wowzer, we were huffing and puffing, maybe I need to squeeze in a couple of runs here and there?  The views were just amazing from this sacred Maori place.  It was a good 90 minute workout…If you tramped this mount 3 days a week you would be in great shape! Kiwi Kevin cooked us another wonderful dinner tonight, and Di surprised us each with a Kokopu Pounamu.  This is a Maori locally sourced jade from Aotearoa New Zealand that has a strong spiritual connection with the world around them.  Thank you Kevin and Di for your most generous hospitality!