May 3, 2012...Orewa Beach

Navi cannot be fixed :(  A small cut in the screen has let water in and she has "carked it"  We will have to do the rest of New Zealand the old fashioned way…how exciting!  We rode from Eastern Coromandel to Western Coromandel by way of the scenic route and it was pure riding pleasure.  We stopped for a lovely fresh smoked salmon lunch in Thames before taking on the traffic through the city of Auckland.  I have to admit I do feel a tad insecure without Navi!  Reading the map in my tank bag is not a clear as it use to be…ha ha ha!  Do they make bifocal visors???  Stopping at a BP to fill up and ask for directions I was pleasantly surprised to find out that we were only 10 minutes away from our Holiday Park

A hilarious thing just happened…I have been catching up with this blog for the past 5 hours and Kev said "I've gotta go to bed."  He ran out of the bedroom saying that he just bit into a bar of soap thinking that it was a mint on the bed…ha ha ha I couldn't sop laughing??? He unwrapped the small package and thought it must be white chocolate…ha ha ha…A mint on the bed in cabin at a Holiday Park…dreaming 

Another beautiful day in paradise.  I'm feeling totally content after a morning walk on the beach, vegemite toast and hot milo…I'm ready for another incredible day of riding, destination Paihia in the Bay of Islands ;)