July 16, 2012…Bramwell Station…Australia's most northern cattle station

An easy day of riding.  Maybe the worst is behind us.  Who know, but I'll take it without any questions asked.  Kev and I messed with the video cameras along the way today.  Kev propped the camera up on a log along side the road and we rode past a couple times.  Hopefully the shots will turn out.  Fun, nevertheless!  I accidentally rode over a snake trying to cross the road.  It was the tail section and I think that he will survive, but, I was not about to go back and check!  We pulled into Bramwell Cattle Station just before lunch.  It really felt too early to be quitting for the day, but, at least we have the run of the camp spots…so many choices!  

Bramwell Station is Australia's most northern cattle station and has a very friendly groove about it!  When you turn off Telegraph Road onto their roadway you travel through 2 large cattle gates and arrive at a large open corrugated steel barn type bar…Woo Hoo!  "How many in your group?" mumbled the Aussie bloke behind the bar.  "Just the two of us", we replied…Jinx!…ha ha ha  "How many support vehicles in your group?", mumbled the bar bloke…"No support vehicles, just us!" Kev stated.."You guys traveling alone, ay?", Aussie Bar bloke blurted out.  "Yep, just us" nodded Kev.  The Aussie Bar bloke broke out in a big grin of approval!  "That will be 20 bucks for a site, $10 each, thanks!"

It always amazes me how small the world is…We found the perfect place to pitch the tent, got ourselves sorted then walked over to the bar for a drink.  There were now 6 dirt bikes parked in front, "the boys" were inside tossing a few back!  The Aussie Bar bloke blurted towards "the boys"…"How many support vehicles you boys have?"  " Ahh 4!", they replied.  The Aussie Bar bloke turned to us and winked…funny!  I don't know if that exchange of conversation was for our sake, but it sure made us feel pretty darn tough, or, maybe we were just pretty darn stupid!  "The boys" were wearing shirts that were imprinted Warragal!  I said "You blokes from Warragal?", "Yep", they replied.  "My parents and 2 of my brothers have farms in the area!", I stated!  We exchanged conversation for an hour or so familiarizing  each other with our commonalities…fancy that!

With down time on our hands today we decided to check the bikes over, make a few handle bar adjustments, oil my bike chain, and generally run an overall.  We are missing a few bolts here and there…they must have been shaken loose by the corrugations!  One of my triple tree bolts is missing, we will have to replace that when we get back to Cairns!

The cattle gates at Bramwell Station