July 23, 2012…Musgrave Telegraph Station

Kev and I were up and out and on the road by 8:30am this morning.  Today was nothing like yesterday, amazing what a day makes!  The dreaded "dust holes" sign popped up time and time again, but, after yesterday, it was cake!  We stopped in at Coen for an early lunch and hopped back on the bikes as soon as we were finished.  With the easier riding we were able to relax and enjoy the amazing countryside we were riding through.  Blue skies with high puffy rambling clouds, newly sprouted ferns scattered throughout the burnt bush and spindly eucalypts.  Termite towers grandly protrude from the colored earth.  The air is crisp and clean, accept for the dust cloud around your bike.  Red dirt, pink dirt, white dirt, mustard dirt, brown dirt, grey dirt, rusty dirt…dirt dirt dirt, a lot of it in your eyes, mouth, ears, nose, pores, hair, fingernails…basically every crack and crevasse…ha ha ha

We arrived at Musgrave Telegraph Station around 2 pm picked out our tranquil camp site and sorted out our gear.  We watched the road trains pull in and petrol up, one after another.  They are so long close up,  I guess we have been pretty lucky only have encountered 3 moving at slowish speeds along this journey!

We planned on an early night to rest up.  We are hoping to make the return trip down from the tip in 3 days vs. the 5 days it took us to head up so we can spend our anniversary in a actual bed.  Then the circus rolled in!  Well, not a real circus, but, 50+ 4-wheel drives on an organized family Cape York tour.  Yes, I did say family.  Hey, did they just set the chuck wagon up next door to our tent?  Yes, they did!  Oh my, we are in for a long night.  We didn't get to sleep until late and then around 5:40 in the morning the flourescent lights on the chuck wagon started to flicker.  "Ok, let's make our move and get on the road ahead of this group." I encouraged, Kev.