August 26, 2012…Bush Camp in a gravel Pit near Ellendale

We covered over 700 kilometers today in the baking heat and made it further than we had planned!  Amazing what a fresh shower can do!…ha ha ha!  This country never ceases to amaze me.  There is so much to see and unfortunately we cannot see it all in this trip.  Kev and I decided to pass on the Bungle Bungles on our way across.  We will have to come back through the Kimberley's at some point in time and explore the dramatic gorges and areas we missed. We keep reminding ourselves that "You can do anything you want, just not everything you want!"…Damn!

We have broken our 4pm rule, once again.  The countryside is dry and sparsely vegetated. The sun, now directly in our eyes, is piercing through our polarized sunnies.  I need to tilt my helmet down and squint at the golden blur of a road ahead.  Although weary, my senses are pricked watching for roo's and stray cattle as we continue to scan the countryside for a suitable spot to camp.  The time keeps ticking away, the sun continues to glare and and is finally starting to fall.  Finally we spy a gravel pit that is hidden from the road and pull in to take a look.  There is a camper van over in the far corner.  This looks good!  We ride around and decide to set up camp on the other side of the pit.  The sun is beginning to set now…I'm glad that we are off the road.  A man from the camper van across the pit is approaching us!  "Giday, my name is Charlie!  Where have you come from? You must be hot after riding today, can I offer you a cold drink?"  Wow, Kev and I look at each other and in harmony blurt out a thankful "YES!".  "Well, when you are done sorting your camp come on over and meet Wendy, too", Charlie warmly offered.  "Will Do!"  We quickly set up camp, assembled our Kermit Chairs, and headed over to Charlie's caravan.  "What would you like to drink?" Charlie warmly offers.  "Beer, ginger beer, water, coffee or tea?"  "A beer would hit the spot", I reply.  Let me say that nothing goes down easier than a chilly VB! I don't think that I ever have enjoyed or drunk a beer as fast as I did that night.  Kev and I enjoyed laughing and visiting with Charlie and Wendy from Rochi.  After a couple more drinks and now in complete darkness we thanked them for their kindness and headed back to the bikes to cook dinner.  I had just fired up our stove and was boiling water for couscous when a figure emerged from across the gravel pit.  It was Wendy!  "What are you cooking for dinner?" she asks with warm curiosity.  "We are going to eat our usual which is couscous and tuna!" I reply.  "How would you like to join us for dinner?  I am making chow main and have plenty for the 4 of us!", Wendy warmly offers.  One thing we have learnt, never turn anyone down!  "That is very kind of you, are you sure?" I reply.  "Yes, Yes, just head on over when you are ready", Wendy confidently states!  WOW, cold drinks, and now dinner… how lucky are we?  Kev and I head on over to their caravan awkwardly holding our forks and bowls, ready for a free feed!  "You do not need your bowls, tonight you are our guests and will eat off china plates", Wendy proudly states!  Ahh I can't help but feel all warm and fuzzy by the random act of kindness, friendship and hospitality!  Not only did we enjoy a fabulous meal of home made chow mien and brown rice, but freshly stewed apples with runny cold cream for dessert!…Absolutely hit the spot!  We had a wonderful night amongst the gravel piles…Thank you so much Charlie and Wendy from Rochi!!

Wild horses in the Western Australia countryside!

Another roadhouse petrol stop.