September 7 - 9, 2012…Fremantle

Up and out, we have a huge ride ahead of us!  The wind has a good kick to it this morning, but hopefully it will ease up as the day lengthens.  Moving farther south I am noticing the random wildflowers and native trees and bushes in bloom.  We ride through a variety of landscape from woodsy scrub bush, rolling daisy fields, mounded white sandy dunes,  and Black Boy forests that reminded me of the Joshua Tree forests in the States. We tried to keep as close to the coastline as possible and veered off onto the Indian Ocean Drive route.  The wind was still blowing hard and we were becoming weary.  The ocean route may have created more drag for us I was thinking.

We pulled into the Fremantle area around 7pm and decided to stop an have dinner at a small Vietnamese restaurant that caught our smellers as were were riding by.  Camp was set up at 9pm, we were tired and ready to hit the sack!

The next day Kev and I took a good look around the area.  Perth is quite a ritzy area and it reminded me of a young Malibu in patches.  A week ago, Kev emailed the local Horizon's Unlimited group in Perth and a few days later he received an email from Ewan MacGregor.  Now, if you've watched the "Long way Around" documentary you know Ewan is an actor and a motorcycle enthusiast who rode around the world.  Kev did a quick web search and learned that Ewan McGregor is the actor and Ewan MacGregor is the very cool dude in Perth who set up the bbq!!  We will be meeting up with the HU group in the afternoon, so Kev and I pick up a few bottles of wine and some cheese and dips to take along.  We really enjoyed the camaraderie and hospitality of Ewen, Liz, Micko, David and John just to name a few!  Ewen cooked up roo and we sat and chatted until late into the evening.  Thank you so much for arranging the event and sharing your stories, ideas and dreams with us!