August 29, 2013…Edmonton, Canada

We rise early and get after it.  We are packed, saddled up and on the road by 9am.  Today we will be riding to Edmonton, and directly onto Argyll Motorsports for 2 sets of Heidenau's  and brakes for me.  It is a 285 mile ride, about 4 1/2 hours all on a divided highway…cake!  We fill up before merging onto Highway 43 and get on it.  Kev and I need to get to Argyll before 2pm.  They have kindly offered to work us into their schedule today.  It is an easy ride as we pound the highway miles.  I'm hoping to make it there on my fill up, but looks like I am not.  I pull onto an off ramp and Kev empties his jerry cans into my tank…sorted!  It is almost 2pm…now to find Argyll. 

What a cool showroom/museum/bike-shop…truly a one stop shop for the motor-sport enthusiast.  Kev and I have no trouble immersing ourselves in their 23,000 sqft showroom and then relaxing in their lounge while the bikes are prepped.  A very cool shop run by kind and efficient staff.  Thanks guys!

Our hotel is only about 5 miles away, and after some dive pub recommendations we take off!  Talk about night and day…my front end no longer feels lumpy, awkward and off balance.  Im so happy with my ride… much so I have to do a little dance at the first red light.  You know how it is and I'm sure you have all done it!…ha ha ha.  We check in, pull out the paneer soft bags, cover the bikes, drop our stuff off in the room and head out on foot to the recommended dive pub.  Kev and I are digging the scene of the Atlantic Trap & Grill, and kick back watching the locals roll in after their work day.  Hungry we share a fancy dish of Poutine (chips (fries) topped with gravy and medium to firm squeaky fresh cheese curds) , fish & chips and wash it with a couple of beers…. sure hit the spot.

This is the Newfie Mess Poutine...

This is the Newfie Mess Poutine...