April 18, 2012...Leaving the South Island


My hair is slowly becoming one dreadlock, not the greatest look in the world…now don't get me wrong, I really like the look of dreadlocks … but imagine one big one…maybe I can separate it into three??

Riding from Westport to Nelson was lovely and curvy and a short trip, really.  Along the way we stopped at a small cafe for lunch.  We were able to get onto the internet and check out what accommodation were available in Nelson for tonight, we booked a room and hopped back on the bikes. As we rode into Nelson I couldn't help think that this area reminded me of an oceanside Los Gatos… I think that Nelson is my most fav town on the South Island now, with Queenstown close behind!!  As Navi was trying to figure out what road we needed to turn on a call came in from the booking company we had booked our room though.  There had been a flood in the building and they had booked us into a nearby hotel for the same price!  Wow we thought that was really nice of them!!  The Hotel was not far away, and as we turned in I had a huge smile…SCORE!  This is the first Hotel we will have stayed at since arriving in New Zealand! We checked in and checked out the room, as we entered Kev and I "slapped some skin", "high fived"…a little more comfort what a treat!  I enjoyed a spa bubble bath along with a glass of wine…feeling spoilt, relaxed and clean! 

We set the alarm for tomorrow,  we had to be up in time to check-in to the Interisland Ferry Terminal by noon.  We also needed to pick up some tie-downs for the bikes, so that they could be secured on the ferry.  The ride to Picton was only 1 1/2 hours, but we wanted to take the super duper windy scenic route… we had enough time!  Super Dooper windy was an understatement!!  I have not rode more hairpin turns in a row, in my life…and Kev is shaking his head also…ha ha ha. Just beautiful! 

I'm quite excited, I have not been on a ferry in a long long time, and this will be the first time that I have riden onto one…Woo Hoo!  Up and over, clank clank, with no problem we were directed to the motorcycle parking bay.  This is pretty cool!  We secured the bikes, gathered our stuff and headed up to the lounge.  We have left the South Island, and are now in Cook Strait…the seas are a little choppy and I'm trying not to think about it…barf!!! 

As I'm reflecting on the last 3 weeks of us zig zagging across the South Island, I'm feeling a little sick….I think that it is the rocking of the ferry….ooooh…focus, focus!..deep breath!! Yes indeed the South was very, very cool and there was so much to see.  I wish that we could travel around one more time!