April 20, 2012...Wellington

The announcement was made from the Ferry to go to your vehicles…we hurried on down, unstrapped the bikes and geared up.  It was quite exciting waiting for the ferry gate to lower!  We decided to just follow the pack pretty much into the thick of it…rush hour traffic!  It was a definite shock merging into so many vehicles after being around so little the last 3 weeks. I communicated to Kev that I would pull off at the first exit so that we could program the Motel into Navi.  Wellington looks like a small Frisco or Sausalitto at a glance, but for tonight we are going to check in, unload and relax! 

My cousin Shelly lives in Wellington and I had not seen her in 25 years!!  I had connected with her off and on while traveling the South Island and was excited at the prospect of catching up with her. Shelly had invited us to a home cooked meal…YES!!  We were only a couple of k's from her funny enough so we decided to "hoof it" instead of riding…as I had styled my dreadlock, and Kev his flo and we didn't want to mess it up!!!…ha ha ha  We had a great evening catching up, but we will need to ride the bikes over to show the boys…Andrew, Sam and Josh before we leave. 

We rode the train from Johnsonville into Wellington.  There is so much tropicalness….if that is a word?? Maybe flora is a better word??  Tropical flora, like huge tree ferns, vines and shrubbery, anyway, it is a very lush city.  The sun is shining, the air is crystal and Kev and I enjoyed the day walking the city streets of Wellington, just taking in the vibe. Today the city is buzzing and we are enjoying lunch harbor side in an old St. John Ambulance building people watching and taking it all in…a blessed day!!!