May 6, 2012...Auckland

Feeling a little blue today knowing that we are preparing to wrap up our adventure in New Zealand.  The drizzly weather is not helping us perk up either!  We do not have accommodation booked for Auckland as we really do not know if we want to bunk it by the Airport or closer to the city?  We were battered from winds and our bodies were tired from the 8 hour ride yesterday…and of course there may have been just a little too much celebrating??  

The first view of Auckland City was really impressive!  The skyscrapers were bright and sparkly from the morning showers, so much so that the city looked quite futuristic!  We followed the blue airplane symbols on the motorway hoping that we would run into a convenient place to stay.  But you know how it is around airports, very industrialized and a tad depressing…this was not going to do.  No Problem…we'll blow this popsicle stand and go check out another area!  At least we now know how to get to the airport! We decided to ride into the downtown area and see what we could find, but it was all a little overwhelming…Hmmm the parking could be an issue?  I was leading and had no idea where I was going…we no longer have Navi, and I was just following cars like a lost sheep.  Kev radioed me and said "lets find some internet, get some food and figure out where we are….Ahh good thinking 99??…I mean Maxwell!..ha ha ha!!  It was good to get off the bikes, chill for a bit, enjoy a light meal and get a handle on the area.  It was getting dark now, I'm glad that it was not raining on top of it!  We had made the decision to travel back towards the city and find a comfy suburb that was convenient for us to travel from.  We were winging it…using the force so to speak?  Before we knew it, It was pitch black, and just an absolutely spectacularly clear night.  You know things happen for a reason.  What I was about to see would be imprinted in my brain photo file forever!…We followed the stream of traffic that was meandering on the edge of the downtown area.  We snaked our way through and down to the water and then…there it was.  I wish that I could have pulled over and taken a picture…but there was no place to stop!  Moonface was again in his glorious super size form casting a super bright hew over the city of Auckland.  The water looked like a liquid metal lapping at the futuristic silver city…It was a most unbelievable sight…very futuristic- terminatorish,…I'll be back…ha ha ha  Do you get my drift??  Kev spied a Motel sign…we pulled off the main drag and decided that we would stay the night.  We had no idea really where we were…we would find out in the morning…What a night!