May 7, 2012...Mission Bay

Good Morning…Ahh… we woke up in Mission Bay…a very very cool little seaside area!  How did we luck out on this?  This week will be full on bike cleaning, organization and shipping arrangements to Oz.  But today we are going to have a day of R&R!  This is a very cool little town, quite trendy almost "up market" as Mum would say! We ended up less than a block from the water… you can actually hear it from our room…love that!  The coastal main road is lined with these huge grand old trees who's roots have uplifted the footpaths paving…you know that these wise beauties have seen and heard it all! The area is not too built up which is refreshing and still has a comfy community feel.

There is a movie theatre about a 15 minute walk away…Right On!…We'll get some lunch and go to a movie…The Avengers it is!  Don't you just love the Hulk!..ha ha ha