May 8, 2012...Getting it sorted!

Today we are on it!  The plan is to ride out to Go Logistics and check on the shipping details to Oz, then onto Experience BMW Auckland to setup the bikes servicing and crating schedule.  We googled the directions from the Motel to Go Logistics, then from Go to BMW, then back to the Motel.  I think that we are set?  From where the city sets we have a good idea of what direction we need to be heading in to hopefully run into a motorway…Let's do it!  We have taken everything out of the panniers, sorted out what's staying on the bike, cleaned the items and then repacked the panniers.  We are feeling lucky that we actually did not pitch the tent as you know with those puppies, once you unravel the package it never fits back to that small size again…ha ha ha!

We had no problems getting over to Go Logistics.  It was by the airport, and we were just out there the other day…bonus!  We met with Chris and reviewed the shipping details.  The plan was to air freight the bikes directly to Melbourne…but there seemed to be a couple of loose ends that made Kev and I a little insecure with this company.  We addressed our concerns and decided to contact another company that we had been working with to see if their paperwork was a little more thorough?   The problem is nailing down the fees on the Oz end.  We are trying to get a handle on the numbers and would really like to avoid any surprises, if possible.  We still have time to work this out?

The ride over to Experience BMW was no drama, I could hardly believe it…Navi you may have been replaced?  We discussed the timeline with Sebastian and he could not have been more accommodating.  We were comforted by his experience and knowledge and knew that we would be well taken care of.  It was too late to start servicing the bikes today so we decided to ride over to Wash World and get a started on the washing.  You have to be very careful when you pull the bikes up into the washing bays as they can be very slippery.  I almost dropped my bike once slipping on a greasy, wet patch.  It is not the greatest feeling, and quite strenuous trying to hold up a 225kg lump of machinery!   

We have a ton of coins and could wash all night if we have too!  Kev pulled off the panniers and extra jerry cans…here we go!  Don't you just love pressure washers…they rock, and those soapy brushes aren't too shabby either…ha ha ha!  While we were washing up a storm the skies decided to unload a storm full…and boy did it come down, and...there was no sign that it would be letting up anytime soon.  I guess if we missed a soapy spot it would be rinsed off by mother nature…bonus!  Now many coins and an hour or so later we rode back to the Motel in this torrential rain, wind, and rush hour traffic.  I'm not frosting this either, it was coming down, baby!  This could be interesting!  We had asked the guys in the bay next to us for directions towards Mission Bay… luckily it was not too complicated.  Man was it pouring, it reminded me of the Rotorua experience just in a ton more traffic!  It was hard to keep our visors from fogging up so you needed to ride with it half open, but closed enough so your eyes were not bulleted with stinging rain drops.  I'm glad that today we did not wear our full riding get up, it would be hard enough drying out the jackets tonight.  As intent and focused you were on the challenges of this ride you could not help but have this huge grin on your face, and a feeling of a kid stomping through puddles!!  Woo Hoo!!  We arrived back at the motel feeling like teenage drowned rats and turned to each other and said…"Did you feel that huge gust of wind cornering the point?"…ha ha ha…I swear it almost stopped my bike…Good times!  Now we had worked up quite an appetite, so we decided to check out the German restaurant just a block from us.  There was no possible way to dry off…I must say it was kind of fun having a beer in a restaurant dripping wet.  A great day!