May 13, 2012...Mothers Day

Ahh…it is such a wonderful feeling to sleep in... and an absolute bliss to experience that ebb and flow of dream drowsiness…don't you agree?? For the most part Kev and I have been up and at it early… brekkied, bike loaded, and beautiful for the day ahead! Oh yeah, and today is Mothers Day…I think that I will try and finish that cool dream I was just having!  Well that does not always work…ha ha ha…so, up you get! 

Kent and Cynthia greeted us with huge smiles and warm hearts, and a morning coffee…are we too old to be adopted???  Kent had arranged a day of Blokarting at Piha Beach, New Zealand's most dangerous beach…Awesome, I could not imagine a better way to spend Mothers Day!…What the heck is blokarting?  Well, a blokart is land yaucht.  It's a 3 wheeled cart that you sail across the beach, and actually pretty boring!  Yeah, I'm pulling your leg about being boring, haven't you figured me out by now??  Blokarting is the bees knees baby!  We couldn't hide our non competitive spirit and huge frowns from the group as Kev and I wove in and out of each others path.

Tacking up the beach was fun, but racing down the beach was super exhilarating, with no strenuous body work required, Bonus…we all had a blast!  A spontaneous picnic and coffee stop at Swanson Station rounded off a very memorable day, and Kent's famous Kiwi Burgers for tea just blew or should I say blo it away…ha ha ha…Thanks guys!