May 14, 2012...Auckland

Wind was once again on our mind today, not for blokarting but for kite surfing.  Kev and I wanted to squeeze in another kite surfing lesson if possible before leaving for Oz tomorrow.  We're in luck, 1:30pm at Point Chev! 

Michael offered to take Kev and I on a city tour of Auckland, and drop us off at our lesson later.  We drove into the city and traveled up the southern hemisphere's most tallest building, the Sky Tower.  The views from the tower were amazing and gave you a very complete picture of the area around.  Auckland was built on 8 volcano's, and several craters are still visible, it's just fascinating.  Yum Cha for lunch…Mmmmm Yum Cha, then off to Point Chev for our lessons.  

When we arrived at the point it was not very blowy.  We waited and waited and waited.  We watched the water looking for dark patches and chop that would indicate some air activity.  It was kinda iffy whether or not the 15 knot gappy gusts would be consistent enough to make our lesson worth while?  We decided to go for it…we're here and eager.  We got suited up, set up the kite and lines, and headed into the water.  Today's plan was to get up on the board, but mother nature just didn't give us enough puff.  We worked on dragging and kite control and finally called the lesson when the wind got too light.  Even though we did not get up onto the board today we felt happy that we had spent time in the water…Any water time is better than no water time!! 

Kelsey and Michael drove us to a near by store so that we could pick up some last minute Pineapple Lumps and RaRo to bring our nieces and nephews in Oz.  Kev and I enjoyed our final family dinner with the Robinson's that night and planned our early morning exit to the airport.

Kent, Cynthia, Michael and Kelsey…Thank you very much for your warmth, friendship and hospitality…we will miss you!  We could live in Auckland you know!