June 4, 2012...The Oz Adventure begins

Today we begin our journey north.  The plan is to ride comfortably to Brisbane by Friday, ready for the Horizon Unlimited Bike Conference that weekend. 

I cannot tell you how awesome it is to be back on our adventure.  I feel totally comfortable on my bike with all this beautiful space around me…funny…more comfortable than driving a car!  You would not think that you could feel this way, but you do…I have more space to get away from the crazies…ha ha ha.

A cold front in moving up from the Melbourne area and the plan is to be traveling in front of it if possible.  So far we have had drizzles, not enough for us to suit up in our rain gear…my fingers are crossed that we are still a step ahead.  

Woo Hoo…We crossed over the Murray River, which is the border that separates the state of Victoria from the state of New South Wales.  Border crossings never get old, along with the left arm fist pump as you cross, ha ha ha.  We pulled into a petrol station to fill up and Kev checked his oil, as the check light had come on.  Kev and I ended up spending the next 2 hours diagnosing then messing and solving the oil problem.  We decided to spend the night in Albury and get a fresh start in the morning.