June 5, 2012...Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

We were offered a fabulous free egg and bacon brekky from the owner of the Hume Inn Motel which worked out to be just what we needed for this weather building day.   

Kev was having a hard time pronouncing the towns that we were passing…Wagga Wagga was one of them.  Once Kev added the Aussie tongue to it he worked it out!  We couldn't help ourselves bark Wagga Wagga Wagga Wagga as we radioed back and forth the next couple of hours…ha ha ha…Ahh, the simple things that keep you amused on the road!

We pulled over at Gundagai, where the blue gums are growing and the Murrumbidgee's flowing…ha ha ha, I still remember the song.  We snapped a picture with the dog on the tuckerbox which is a monument to pioneers of the region.  A tuckerbox is a box of food.  In pioneering times it was a dogs role to protect.  The dogs master a bullocky, a driver of a bullock team never returns after being bogged at a river crossing…and it is said that the dog guarded that tuckerbox until its death!

As the day moved on you could feel the cold front catching up to us.  The temperature quickly dropped as we rode through beautiful Snowy River country and continued to drop through the Great Dividing Range and into Canberra.  We had hoped to get into the Sydney area today, but I don't think that it's going to happen.  The temp gauge read 6 degrees Celcius, the challenging and tiring wind gusts read at 27 km/hr and on top of that it was beginning to rain…time to find shelter for the night.  We decided to pull off at Goulburn, 2 hours southwest of Sydney.