July 18, 2012…Alau Beach, Bamaga, Seisia

Today we went fishing off the Seisia pier.  It was a super thrilling day!  I pulled the fishing rod that Dennis bought us out of my bike tube.  Kev loaded the hook with the only edible item we had, a milk bottle lolly!  He tried to hook a bait fish with this specialty bait, but I do not think that fish have a "sweet tooth"!  The word on the pier soon got around and we were gifted a small pre-loved bait fish by a fellow indigenous fisherman.  Kev hooked up the bait and I cast out the line, it was only 10 minutes or so before the line just took off.  I had hooked something very powerful and it's plan was to pretty much take me water skiing!  I was struggling to reel and the first sections of the telescopic rod were beginning to collapse and slide down.  Onlookers were gathering around as I struggled, rod bent over, leaning back…Kev came to the rescue but the line finally snapped.  Probably a good thing, as I would have definitely broken or taken my rod.  That was super exciting, I was determined to catch another!  We found a quite haggard bait fish on the pier and tried again…success I hooked and reeled in a small big mouth cod!  He was too small to eat so we threw him back in the water.  It was a very very fun day indeed!

Our campsite at Alau Beach.

Fishing on the Seisia pier.

Cat's caught a fish!