July 20, 2012…Pajinka, aka "The Tip"

Hip Hip Horray…We made it to the very "Tip" of the continent of Australia!!!

Funny thing…we spent at least 45 minutes riding up and down the town of Bamaga trying to find the road or track to take us to "The Tip".  Kev had looked at the map and deciphered that we had to make a left off the main road that lead into Bamaga.  We made a left and started traveling down this deserted road, past a cemetery and on.  10 k's in we decided to turn around, I don't think that this is the way!  We ended up riding up and down the main drag of Bamaga before finally stopping for directions…ha ha ha (men!)  We were shown the way…"Look for the sign that says "Pajinka", the sign that said "The Tip"keeps getting knocked off", a dusty Aussie bloke directed us!

The track was corrugated and sandy red…we definitely felt a tad out of sync after a few days off the dirt!  Uh Huh..we made it to the "Croc Tent", only 20 k's to go.  "Keep an eye out for the idiots racing to the tip and back…keep as far left as possible", warned the sweet gal at the Croc Tent!

The road became muddy, wet and windy.  You could smell the stench of bat poo in the rainforest that surrounded you.  I could feel my clothing starting to stick as beads of sweat began to run down my back.  Kev and I arrived at a very red, muddy, water crossing.  Kev walked it…"The bottom is sandy and it's a little deep here, go right", he warned.  I was already looking for an easier route and found it shallower to the far right, but that path lead me up and over the heavily rooted forest bottom, not the best of choices!  There we a couple of surprise corners with traffic coming straight for us, but we managed to make it to the tip in one piece!

We parked and locked up the bikes and hiked up the rocky coastal point.  The seas were beautiful shades of turquoise blue's and greens.  The sand was creamy white, a perfect postcard finish!  I really do not know what I expected, but this was more than I had imagined, it was beautiful!  On our tramp over the black rocky I actually came across the Queensland state flower, the Cooktown Orchid, growing by itself…how uncanny is that?  A salty had been spotted on the beach a day or so ago, but he was not in sight today…too bad, it would have been the "peace du resistance".  We captured a picture with "The Tip" sign behind us (proof) and shared a "high five", we did it!

We have run into the same groups of people over and over again, and now we can finally say that "We made it, and yes we hate the corrugations!"

On our ride back to Alau Beach I was happy to see a newly born foul, that had been laying on the grassy roadside in the morning, on it's feet…Ahh a beautiful end to a marvelous day!

We made it!!