July 25, 2012…Port Douglas

The bed we were sleeping in was larger than our tent…Wow, Kev and I did not have to shoulder battle for prime position, a little luxury goes a long way!  My body was beat from our trek down from "The Tip".  I felt myself sinking into that restful slumber wave just as I should be getting up!  Today I will just go with the flow and enjoy…no plans, no destination, no riding and no worries.  Twenty-five years ago Kev and I married…it is hard to believe really, time flies!  Nothing is planned for today…we have a bottle of bubbles in the fridge and the plan is to open it, drink it and go back to sleep!…Well, we may celebrate a little before sleep…ha ha ha…too much information…Oh well! 

We were now back in the civilized world and needed to check in with kids and family! Three hours is a lot of checking in…and "Thanks for the call, Mum!"  Kev and I finally escaped the comforts of our room and explored the quaint township of Port Douglas.  We are all out of whack…too late for lunch, and way too early for dinner!  Afternoon tea sounds like a plan!  

Dinner was not far behind…we had already decided on the location and menu item so we were pretty much just wandering around killing time until we could get into the restaurant…ha ha ha…bad!  Really a restful lovely day with wonderful food, drink and good company.  Dinner was a seafood tower…very yummy, very stuffed, and now for desert!

Port Douglas