July 26 - 30, 2012…Cairns

It is time to climb into our riding gear that we had plopped out on the veranda of the vacation rental.  They are covered in sweat, red dust, mud and bugs!  Hmmm…I couldn't wait to get to Dennis' and give everything a thorough cleaning.  Riding back into Cairns was lovely.  It was only an hour or so away and I knew that there would be a fresh bed, towels and great hospitality waiting!  Dennis greeted us with warm smile "Hi guys, welcome back!"

Kev and I got right to it…Washed the bikes, washed the riding gear, cleaned out the panniers, restocked our food, replaced bolts that had been shaken out of the bikes along the trail, worked on our blog, sent another box of stuff back to Melbourne, recovered a little and watched the rest of "Flight of the Concords"…We even squeezed in a day fishing with Dennis!  I caught 3 bream and one muddy crab, Dennis 2 bream, and Kev none…Doh! :(  We cooked the fish up for brekky the next morning and they were great!  We enjoyed our final evening in Cairns by the waterfront.  It was a beautifully warm, Cairns winter evening kissed by a magical sunset, good food and company…Dennis, thanks again, for everything! 

Dennis making dinner

Some Cat's like water!