August 4, 2012…Northern Territory, Avon Downs

We crossed over into the Northern Territory today and turned the clocks back a half hour?  Yes, the countryside drastically changed!  Ya know I just don't get that!  We have now traveled into this barren dry grassy area, it makes you thirsty just looking across the landscape!  The road train postings now state that the trains are 53 meters long!  We will travel as far as we can today without riding past 4pm, our cut off time.  Any later than that we feel that we are pushing our luck with kangaroos!

I did see 2 huge black eagles standing their ground over the road kill they were guarding.  They do not spook or fly out of the way when you pass and Im sure they would take you on if approached.  They stood about 3 ft off the ground with glossy jet black feathers, a huge hook beak, and white leg feathers that made them look like they were wearing old fashioned bloomers.  This was the first time I've seen these majestic eagles.

Tired, we pulled off at a road side free camp spot that had a few trees, undrinkable water and an eco loo! We set up the tent and it was only an hour or so before we were offered a cold beer by the Aussie caravan that pulled up next to us…Jim and Sue!  We spent the rest of the evening discussing routes, dirt roads and places to see. Jim and Sue offered to make us dinner and we enjoyed a salad with fritters.  It was a very fun night around a campfire under a blue moon with a warm tea and some nice lemon slice that Sue had made .  Jim even gave us a set of Army rations for the road!  Thank you.  The next morning Jim brought us a cuppa it was fabulous…I'm glad we decided to stop alongside the road!

Welcome to Northern Territory

Our home.

The view from our home.