August 5, 2012…Devils Marbles

Road trains have now increased to 53.5 meters in length!  The road has been two lanes the entire day and we are now 1/2 way across Australia! 

We almost rode past the turn off…a red sandy dirt road into the Devils Marbles camping area.  The fee is $6.60 for the night on the honor system.  This place could not be any more amazing!  There were already 10 campers set up, and maybe 10 free spots left.  We chose a small area with a fire pit and a small platform type table that backed up against the spiny grasses .  We set up our tent doors to face the sunrise and massive rock formations.  The sun was still fairly high in the sky which gave us plenty of time to enjoy the camaraderie of the fellow campers, wander the area and settle into camp.

The real show began as the sun began to set!  The enormous round boulders precariously balancing upon each other began to glow.  The scenery was so colorful it reminded me of a watercolor painting…rusty orange fiery boulders against the pale blue dusk sky, white spinifex plains, twiggy green bushes and twisty white trunked gums.  The colors were truly spectacular.  As the sun set the colors popped!  The rocks became redder and looked as though they could almost self ignite!

A lone young male dingo wandered in from the spinifex plains hung around the camp site, watching and waiting from a distance for food scraps that were dropped.  

Campsite at Devil's Marbles.

A dingo exploring our camp.