August 6, 2012…Alice Springs

It was a chilly and windy morning, as we watched the sunrise over the Marbles.  I got right on brekky and made our usual hot oatmeal and cup of tea; it warmed us up and tasted extra good!  Mr. Dingo was still around, checking out the sites for food as the campers departed.  

Just down the road a bit is Wycliffe, the UFO center of Australia!  We gassed up, had our picture taken with a couple of aliens and hit the road.

We fought our way through high cross winds today.  I cannot remember such high winds since traveling up to the tip of New Zealand!  Riding the Alice Springs area it reminded me of a cross between Las Vegas without the glitz, the desert from Palm Springs and Arizona's colors.  We found a camp ground, upgraded to a power site for $4 more, and charged everything up.  We were pretty beat from the windy day and it was not long before dinner was made and we were tucked away in our tent for the night.