August 11, 2012…Alice Springs

Moto Guzzi saw us packing up this morning and came over for a chat.  We were dragging a little this morning. Chris saw the signs and offered to make us an espresso!  I questioned "You have an espresso machine?"  "Yes!", she exclaimed proudly!  "On the bike?", I queried?  "Yep!", Chris beamed proudly!  Low and behold, blow me down!  She had a single cup little espresso spitter…I've gotta get myself one of these!  Chris kindly made Kev and I a wonderful espresso…  we continued to pack up, swap bike stories and visit until the road was calling once more!

Again riding across the treadmill highway, powering past rode trains on the Stuart Highway back to the Big 4 Camp Park we left just a week ago…Chris and Brian, if you're reading this, that powerful espresso powered us all the way back to Alice! 

The gas gremlins were in the tanks today!  The head winds were fierce and we were on a mission…a mission to cover miles, and move into warmer weather.  It seemed every petrol stop we took, we filled more than expected, and forked out more than expected…funny how that works!  

Our bodies were tight and achy pulling into Alice after 5pm.  We decided to get a 70's type trailer house cabin that was loo less, for the night.  The trailer cabin was full of formica and wood panelling, clean, had a bed with linen, fresh towels for the community showers, a heater, free didgeridoo entertainment happening as we arrived and came with a free pancake brekky in the morning…SCORE!

We cranked up the heater, enjoyed the didgeridoo show, cooked up some bacon eggs for dinner and hit the sack!

Chris, Brian & Moto Guzzi!!