August 12, 2012…Bush Camping it…Somewhere between Banka Banka and Renner Springs

Riding north up the Stuart Highway we pumped out the k's today and continued to pay at the pump.  Crossing the Tropic of Capricorn and felt relieved that we would be moving into warmer nights.  Another day of strong headwinds and frequent bursts of burly crosswinds kept us focused, determined, and by the end of the day, tight shouldered.  Today we broke our rule and rode past 4pm!  We were looking for that sweet camping spot…a safe place to pull the bikes off the road and have them out of sight and a secluded clearing to pitch the tent and make a fire.  "That looks good", I radioed to Kev and we would slow down, check it out and move on!  We probably did that for the next hour…ha ha ha! Finally we found the perfect spot and settled in for the night.

The dusk sky was more than amazing as we watched the sunset over the outback scrubland and enjoyed the peaceful serenity that this brings.  The indigo sky now moving into a black ink darkness illuminating the Milky Way in full glory!  There was no moon tonight and the canopy of the stars stretched entirely across the curvature of the earth like a dome.  If you took a mouthful of milk and hit your cheeks, spraying it out over a black canvas you would have what I saw!  I wish that my camera could take a picture and I could show you!  Crickets, dingo yelps, the dying fire and silence is all that could be heard during the night…

Tropic of Capricorn Landmark.


Bush camping.