August 16 - 17, 2012…Cooinda, Kakadu

The dirt road out of Gunlom was most enjoyable…although fairly hairy in sections of deep rutted and grooved sand!  We definitely attack these areas with more control and less craziness now?  Our next stop was not far up the road.  We leisurely swept through Kakadu leaning and curving more than usual to try and round off the squareness that had developed on both of our rear tires from riding so many straight roads.  We pulled into Cooinda only a couple of hours later.  I was very surprised that it was a resort camping area with a full bar, restaurant, shop, 2 pools, camping, and hotel amenities.  We decided that we would stay for 2 nights so that we could check out the Yellow Water area.  We picked a camping spot, pitched the tent and then headed to the pool for a cool off.  Damn…this place has so many mozzies, horse flies, ants and anything else that could possibly bite you.  May be they are attracted to the sprinklers that are running throughout the park sight?…Heellpp…starting to go a little batty, do these things ever quit?

Kev and I booked a Yellow Water boat cruise, and I have to say that this was an absolutely fabulous experience.  Our boat driver, Murray was skillful, fabulous, passionate, and, witty about his job and Kakadu!  I love it when I meet people like this!  I saw crocs sleeping, feeding, floating, sinking…birds lilly hopping, drying, sailing, feeding, paddling, preening…Jabiru's, Cranes, Kingfishers, Plumed Whistling Ducks, Jacana, small, medium and large Egrets, Herons, Spoonbills, Pelicans, Darters, various water Geese, Ibis, and one green tree snake! Murray maneuvered his vessel into every nook and cranny that he could fit into, for just over two hours making this one of the most incredible water expeditions I have been on!  O.K., maybe I say that about every water experience…it just took my breathe away!  The sunset over Yellow Water was the grand finale of this truly magical area!  Ahh, crocodiles are just incredible creatures!  I have seen a croc in a park, but never in the wild, and to have the privilege to watch them do their thing was amazing. Sleeping alongside the muddy river banks they look like rubberized prehistoric monsters, too knobby, motley and ugly to actually be real.  Crocodiles travel with such an eery ease through the water.  Their bumpy jagged tails partly submerged sweeping back and forth, with ease.  Moving in the water they remind me of a wooden child's toy…you know the croc or snake model?  You hold it in your hand and it moves back and fourth?  

The next day for us was a down day spent relaxing by the pool.  The flocks of Correlas kept me amused and entertained for much of the day.  I never grow tired of watching birds, and the Cockatoo variety are very fun to interact with.