August 18, 2012…Jabiru, Kakadu

Damn, Damn, and double Damn!…I have been eaten alive by these gigantic sized mozzies!  I really do not know how they get into the tent??  It was even hard for me to get out of the tent this morning because they were all waiting for me….buzzing around with their high pitched engines all shuffling for prime attack position. Yowzer…I'm quite uncomfortable!  I waited until most of the big ones released their cling from the tent netting before getting out.  I grabbed my socks, riding pants, shirt and boots and danced around trying to prevent a landing while getting dressed.  It has only been an hour or so since the sun has risen and I can already feel the heat.  The flys are beginning to buzz past your ears and it sounds as like you are at NASCAR…fairdinkum!  I really do not have the patience for this today as I am already hot, sweaty, extremely itchy.  I'm probably slightly grumpy…ya think?

Back on the road the tension starts to ease…no more flies, mozzies and the warm air breezing through my vents feels good.  The next stop is Jabiru, just up the road.  By 11:30 am the temp was reading 95 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 35 degrees Celsius.  Hot, and only a little grumpy, we pulled into the Crocodile Holiday Inn to sit in the air conditioning and have lunch.  Slowly I began to crack a smile as the air conditioning, fresh turkey salad sandwich and ice cold water revived me for round two!  "How much do you think a room would cost here?", Kev asked me?  "I'm guessing $275 per night?"…"Hum" he said.  "I'm guessing $250!" Lets ask on the way out!  "Hi, hot day, hey?..We were wondering what a room would cost for the night?", I queried.  "For tonight?" asked the front desk Manager.  "Yes, tonight?" I said.  "You are on the bikes…Have you traveled far?", Jo the Manager asked.  "Yes that's us, we traveled from Cooinda this morning, but, it is quite hot today and are thinking that Jabiru looks like a good spot to stop?"  "The rooms are $280 per night!"  I turned and smiled at Kev…I won the bet..ha ha!  "This is unfortunately out of our budget" I said with a sigh! "Well what would you be willing to pay?  We are not full, so, maybe we can work something out?" Jo said with gusto!  Wow, I turned to Kev with a huge grin…"Whats fair?" I asked  "Throw out a figure", Jo said!  I gave her our budget and Jo accommodated us with a warm friendly comforting smile…Deal!  I can't believe it!  No monster mozzies, NASCAR flies, sweat, heat and dirt…Hello fresh white crisp linen, clean, fluffy towels, cold water, and the peace du resistance…Air-conditioning!

We unloaded only as much as we could handle off the bikes…the heat was a doozy, we will get the rest later!  I jumped into the shower washed my hair, washed all of the repellant off my body, itched my mozzie bites with my loofa hands, moisturized and felt like a new gal!  I flopped down on the crisp fresh cold bed, and next thing I knew it was dinner time!  We had a hot water jug in the room so I boiled water, made some couscous, topped it with a small can of Thai tuna, and we enjoyed a very simple dinner that cost under $1 per serving!  Granted the bottle of wine brought the serving to $16, still a bargain, and most enjoyable…ha ha ha!  We enjoyed the movie channel on the telly that night.  It is a special feeling to appreciate comfort and I feel very privileged to be experiencing this!