January 3 - 6, 2014…Mazatlan, Sinaloa Mexico

We woke up, loaded the bikes, enjoyed a breakfast of huevous con chorizo, and rode out of the large rustic wooden double doors, bound for Mazatlan.  I had taken a mental note on the direction the taxi had driven us to the hacienda after the train last night, in hopes to reverse it for todays flawless exit out of El Fuerte.  Well, it wasn't flawless!  Maneuvering through El Fuerte 's amazing cobblestoned streets, I managed to ride the wrong way down several oneway streets.  A couple of quick u-turns to correct the problem and then I found the correct road that led us to the highway towards Los Mochis.  It was a good feeling to be rolling down the road at 8:30am.  Today we have a long ride ahead of us if we want to make it to Mazatlan before dusk.

The rich and pungent red soiled farmlands of Sinaloa encased the freeway pretty much the entire trip towards Mazatlan.  We did have to cough up and pay tolls 6 times on this leg of the Sinaloa-Culiacan-Mazatlan Highway 15 that amounted to 185$MX, around $14.25 US times 2 bikes.  The toll highways are heavily patrolled by the federal police which always gives me a sense of security, even though the sight of them riding fully armed with mounted machine guns can be intimidating.  The speed limit was 110 km/hr, which many buses and shiny new SUV's exceeded heavily.  Between the traffic and varied road surfaces we kept it to around 80 km/hr the entire way keeping alert and on our toes. Riding along the farmland areas I chuckled seeing red chill peppers and corn that had bounced out of the transport trucks scattered on the side of the highway.  I had only ever seen, tomatoes, apples and potatoes riding before.  

We ate lunch under the shade of a palm tree at a truck stop petrol station around 1pm.  We have made great time…Mazatlan is only about 2 !/2 hours away.  The temperature is in the middle 80's now and my riding gear is starting to stick to me!  Pulling into the bustling centro area of Mazatlan we found a Maccas connected to wifi and got directions towards prospect hotels.  It is 4pm and I am hot and tired.  We check in at our 2 star beachfront hotel that has secure free parking,  breakfast, and wifi….winner!!!  Well maybe I spoke too soon!  I have pretty much figured that in Mexico the wifi stands for…Where Is the Frikin Internet!  We have had intermittent power outages in our room, which is usually no bother to us as we have the camping gear, but, when you are paying for a room you do expect power.  The hotel has moved us into the penthouse suite for the remainder of our stay due to the inconvenience which was a lovely surprise!  I think that we will stay an extra day!

Mazatlan is like a mini beachside Mexican Venice Beach.  Many people walking, jogging, roller blading, sunning, playing in the clear surf, and generally enjoying life.  It is buzzes constantly 24/7 with the constant noise of honking cars, loud music, sirens, peoples bursts of laughter, chatter, screaming, jet skis, power boats and the crashing surf.

We have spent our time walking the beach areas, enjoying the local scene and trying to get our Navi to work.  Come to find out we actually did not have Mexico maps loaded into the device….no wonder it was not talking to us!…ha ha ha.  We will attempt to download the Mexico maps today with this sketchy wifi…one thing teaser wifi has taught us is patience.  Frustration leads you absolutely nowhere!!!!!!  Bonus, we have finally connected with maps and now are downloading the Mexico file….remaining time is 755 hours….ha ha ha!  Is it too early for a tequila?

View from room

View from room