February 5, 2013….On the Road Again!…Well almost!

58 hours later Kev and I sit back on Debbie and Rob's porch swing….finally we have arrived back in Albany, Western Australia where we left off last September.

Our neighbor Mari kindly drove Kev and I the 4 hours from Lake Tahoe to San Francisco Airport…we made it in record time!  I am feeling at ease with this next leg of Australia, and a deep sense of calm warms my body, although my face has an excited grin as we check our one Cardboard Vuitton box (Louis distant cousin) for the flight.  

The trip across the mighty ocean was fairly calm.  Funny enough I woke just I time to see the sunrise over the southern hemisphere…this is it, the journey continues.  Kev and I met up with my Mum and Dad in Melbourne for lunch and were thrilled when my brother Brad and his wife Anne also showed, a great way to spend a 5 hour layover. 

The plane ride across to Perth was super choppy… I have only felt air sick 2 times in my life and this was one of them.  Perth was quite toasty when we arrived… 30 degrees Celsius at 6:30pm, quite a difference from the Lake Tahoe weather we have been used to…phew!  Fellow biker and adventurist, Ewen MacGregor offered to put us up for the night and picked Kev and I up at the airport and drove us back to his home in Fremantle.  We had a great evening catching up with Ewen and Liz and were very thankful for the lovely meal and comfy bed to sleep in.  The next morning Ewen delivered us to the bus station where Kev and I boarded a bus bound for Albany.

Six hours later Kev and I were back in Albany…the date is now Friday February 8th!

Sunrise in the Southern Hemisphere

Sunrise in the Southern Hemisphere


Morning coffee with Ewen & Liz.

Boarding the bus bound for Albany, WA.